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Gas-Fired Unit Heaters/Duct Furnaces

Indoor Products: Gas-Fired Unit Heaters/Duct Furnaces

Sterling Gas fired unit heaters / duct furnaces are available in three basic models, Propellor, Blower and indoor duct furnaces. To assist in your individual application needs, each model is offered in multiple sizes and configurations.

Gas-Fired Unit Heater/Duct Furnace Categories
Propeller Units
Blower Units
Duct Furnaces

Oil-Fired Unit Heaters

Indoor Products: Infrared Heaters

For those applications where oil is the fuel of use, Sterling offers a complete line of Oil fired unit heaters designed to be utilized with #2 heating oil.

Oil-Fired Unit Heater Models

Steam & Hot Water Unit Heaters

Indoor Products: Steam & Hot Water Unit Heaters

As the leading producer of Steam and Hot water unit heaters, Sterling offers multiple types and sizes to meet your specific needs. Used in applications that utilize a centralized boiler system.

Steam & Hot Water Unit Heater Models
Horizontal (HS)
Vertical (VS)