Evaporative Coolers

Sterling EV evaporative coolers are available in four sizes ranging from 800 to 8,500 CFM. Units utilize 8" CELdek® media as standard (with optional 12" CELdek® and 8" or 12" GLASdek® available). All feature a full size stainless steel sump, heavy duty pump with low water cutoff, 1" media standard and a low water cutoff control. Sterling evaporative coolers are available as stand-alone units or factory assembled arrangements including a Sterling air handler.

Standard Features

  • High Cooling Efficiency
  • Recirculating Pump - Factory wired, sealed design, durable, thermally protected motor. Permanently lubricated bearings. Standard 115 Volt, 50/60 cycle. Optional 230V motor. Protective basket screen. U.L. recognized.
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Water Tank - Stainless steel sump tank and water distributor designed to resist rust, corrosion, and scaling.
  • Ball Valve - Single-entry ball valve regulates water flow using a 1/4 turn handle
  • Bleed-Off - Prevents excessive concentration of minerals in sump water
  • Float Valve - Brass float valve and rod with plastic float. Maintains proper water level in sump for most efficient operation. Factory installed in cabinet.
  • Drain and Overflow - Drain is capped. Overflow controlled by float level allowing slight continued overflow. Optional automatic fill and drain kit is available for field installation.
  • Water Distribution - Copper water distributor tube for corrosion-free operation and low maintenance.
  • Intake Filters - Removable intake filters of easy-to-clean 1" aluminum mesh to remove insects, dust, and dirt from airflow
  • Skid Rails - With lifting and anchor holes. Optional platform curb assembly available, shipped separately (see Roof Curb Section)
  • Available in 10 through 80 MBH capacities for 800 CFM to 8500 CFM (0.4 m3 /s to 4.0 m3 /s) and utilizes only 4 different cabinet widths.

Evaporative Cooling Unit

Unit Type [UT] (EV)*

Evaporative Cooling is the simplest and most-cost effective cooling method without the use of mechanical refrigeration. Sterling Evaporative Cooling systems meet a wide range of commercial, industrial, and institutional heating and ventilating requirements. The Evaporative Cooler saves up to 80% on utility charges, requires little maintenance, and replaces exhausted, stale, indoor air with cool, clean, filtered outdoor air

  • *The quiet, dependable Evaporative Cooler may be purchased as an individual unit (unit type “EV”) in four sizes from 800 CFM to 8500 CFM (0.4 - 4.0 m3 /s), Capacities CA 10 to 40. Or, it can be combined with Sterling Rooftop Packaged Units (unit type “RT”, “PV”, Capacities CA 10 to 80), or Make-up Air Handlers (Capacities CA 10 to 80, see manual GIAC for “ME/MS” Make-up Air Units). Evaporative Coolers are also combined in Air Handler Units (Capacities 20 or 40). In any combination, the Evaporative Cooler will replace the need for a 100% Outside Air Inlet Hood. If an Evaporative Cooler is to be installed upstream of our duct furnace section(s), a 409 stainless steel heat exchanger is recommended.


Evaporative Cooling is most commonly used in areas where the relative humidity is low and the dry bulb temperatures are high. However, cooling through evaporation can be used in most areas
Evaporative cooling is best utilized whenever the wet bulb depression (difference between dry and wet bulb temperature) is a minimum of 15°.

The efficiency of the Sterling Evaporative Cooler is determined by a variety of factors: geographical location, application, air change requirements, sufficient water supply, air flow, and maintenance. In most instances, efficiency is expected to be between 77% and 88%. Heat gains in the distribution system will affect the final output temperature.


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    Performance, Materials and Features for each EV capacity model.


    800 CFM

    8500 CFM

    Max CFM800 MBH8,500 MBH


    The EV is quite versitile it can be installed in a variety of applications. Here are a few key ways The EV can make your space more comfortable.

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