Hydronic Horizontal Unit Heaters

Sterling HS Series horizontal unit heaters are available in both serpentine and header type units. Serpentine units offer outputs from 8,030 to 35,900 BTUs and are ideal for hot water installations with limited clearances. Header type horizontal units range from 18,000 to 360,000 BTUs and can operate with either hot water or steam. Both units are furnished with totally enclosed motors as standard equipment, explosion proof motors are optional.

Standard Features

  • 8 - 360 MBH
  • Copper Coils w/Aluminum Fins
  • 20-Gauge Cabinetry
  • 115/1/60 Volt Motor
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Adjustable Louvers

Horizontal and Vertical Louvers

Horizontal louvers are standard on all sizes. Vertical louvers are an optional accessory on all sizes. Vertical louvers are
installed on built to order units or shipped loose for field installation.

Fan Guards

All sizes with standard (non-explosion-proof) single phase 115 or 230 volt motors utilize a wire fan guard as a motor mount. OSHA type fan guards are standard on all serpentine coil models and header type sizes 18 through 48 equipped with single phase, standard motors only. On header type sizes 60 through 360, OSHA type fan guards can be added as an optional accessory when equipped with a single phase, standard motor only. Horizontal unit heaters with OSHA fan guards can be installed in residential applications. All sizes with three-phase or explosion-proof motors are
shelf-mounted and standard fan guards can be added as an
optional accessory.


    115 volt, single speed motors are standard. Most sizes can be supplied with single phase, explosion proof motors. For
    standard motors in 230 volt or three-phase configuration, and three-phase explosion-proof motors, see page 13 for


      All the Literature associated with the HS SERIES

      For additional items browse the full Literature library at the link below.


      Performance, Materials and Features for each HS SERIES capacity model.


      Serpentine Coil

      Header Coil

      Serpentine Coil

      Header Coil

      MBH Input8 MBH18 MBH35 MBH360 MBH
      MBH Output8 MBH18 MBH35 MBH360 MBH
      Min CFM245 CFM395 CFM245 CFM395 CFM
      Max CFM850 MBH5,500 MBH850 MBH5,500 MBH


      Motor HP16W-1/2016W-1/2No Motor HP Entered For this Size16W-1/2


      The HS SERIES is quite versitile it can be installed in a variety of applications. Here are a few key ways The HS SERIES can make your space more comfortable.

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