Power Vented

The QVED and QVES are power vented indoor duct furnaces. QVED offers bottom burner access while the model QVES offers side access. Both models offer high efficiencies that achieve annual fuel savings of up to 25% over conventional natural vented duct furnaces. Also featured are a factory installed power venter and sealed flue collector that controls combustion and excess air during on cycles. Spark ignition is standard.

Standard Features

  • 100 - 400 MBH
  • 80% Thermal Efficiency
  • Aluminized Steel Heat Exchanger - 20-Gauge
  • Single Stage Gas Valve
  • Spark Ignition
  • Natural or LP Gas Available
  • Easy Burner Access with Individual Removable Burners
  • Factory Test Fired
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Optional 409 and 321 Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
  • Optional 2-Stage and Modulating Gas Valves
  • Optional Air Flow Prove Switch


Sterling’s duct furnaces are available in variable configurations to meet all application needs. QVED (bottom burner access) and QVES (side burner access)
models offer integral power venting through a concentric vent for both outside combustion air and flue gas exhaust. The QVSD (separated combustion) is designed to be
installed in dusty, dirty or mildly corrosive environments, or where high humidity or slightly negative pressures exist. All critical components including the burners, pilot and flue systems are fully enclosed within the unit and protected/
from the elements insuring clean and efficient combustion.
QVSD units are perfect for manufacturing and automotive
facilities and greenhouse applications.


    All the Literature associated with the QVED/QVES


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    Performance, Materials and Features for each QVED/QVES capacity model.









    MBH Input100 MBH150 MBH200 MBH250 MBH300 MBH350 MBH400 MBH
    MBH Output80 MBH120 MBH160 MBH200 MBH240 MBH280 MBH320 MBH
    Thermal Efficiency80%80%80%80%80%80%80%
    Air Temp Rise30°F - 80°F30°F - 80°F30°F - 80°F30°F - 80°F30°F - 80°F30°F - 80°F30°F - 80°F
    Min CFM929 CFM1,389 CFM1,852 CFM2,315 CFM2,778 CFM3,241 CFM3,704 CFM
    Max CFM2,469 MBH3,704 MBH4,938 MBH6,173 MBH7,407 MBH8,642 MBH9,877 MBH
    Pressure Drop.480.


    The QVED/QVES is quite versitile it can be installed in a variety of applications. Here are a few key ways The QVED/QVES can make your space more comfortable.

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