Patio Heater

The new Sterling Sunscape Tinted Ceramic Glass Series patio heaters are the perfect solution to extend the outdoor season by providing the warmth of radiant heat.

Provides a level of comfort for your outdoor dining and entertainment areas. Perfect for other partially covered outdoor environments like patios, bars and smoking areas.

Increases available outdoor restaurant seating capacity and revenue. For consumers it extends the outdoor season, permitting enjoyment of the outdoor space. Using the same principle as the sun, radiant warmth from Sterling's Sunscape Series is delivered directly to people at floor level first, before heating the surrounding air. This provides a comfortable envelope of warmth in seating areas below.

Standard Features

  • 24 - 35 MBH
  • High Efficiency Ceramic tiles that produce environmentally friendly emission levels below nationally recognized levels (as defined by California Energy Commission). NOx emission levels as low as 15 parts per million adjusted for 3% O2.
  • Tinted ceramic glass technology allows for wind resistance up to 45 mph
  • Extremely quiet operation. No blower or fan noise.
  • Potted (Water Resistant) Direct Spark Ignition module for harsh environmental conditions
  • Potted (Water Resistant) Direct Spark Ignition module for harsh environmental conditions
  • Horizontal or angle mounting up to 60°. Can be suspended from ceiling or angle mounted from column or sidewall with optional adjustable mounting brackets.
  • Can be installed with 45- or 60-degree angles at lower mounting heights (e.g.,7 ft.) to reduce intensity
  • Clearances as low as 10" above the heater with optional shield.
  • Covers 12' x 12' area with minimal wind conditions.
  • Factory shipped as a two-stage control heater and can be used with optional 3 position switch for ultimate comfort. Operate at first stage (24,000 Btu/hr.) during milder days and operated at full power (35,000 Btu/hr.) on colder days.
  • 3-year limited warranty on the burner assembly, and 1-year limited warranty on the controls.
  • CSA Design Certified – ANSI Z83.19 & ANSI Z83.26 Standard.
  • Manufactured with pride in the USA

Wall Or Ceiling Mount

Optional Mounting Bracket Available.

The adjustable mounting brackets allows wall mounted or ceiling suspended heater installations at varying angles

    Overhead Clearance Reduction

    Optional Heat Shield

    Through use of the optional heat shield, clearances above the heater can be reduced for applications with tighter overhead space.


      All the Literature associated with the Sunscape


      For additional items browse the full Literature library at the link below.


      Performance, Materials and Features for each Sunscape capacity model.


      RSW35-N2 (low)

      RSW35-N2 (high)

      RSW35-L2 (low)


      MBH Input24 MBH35 MBH24 MBH35 MBH


      The Sunscape is quite versitile it can be installed in a variety of applications. Here are a few key ways The Sunscape can make your space more comfortable.

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